KDB poked the boat to compete for the Premier League title

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Manchester City playmaker Kevin De Bruyne KDB has warned the team not to withdraw the accelerator in the English Premier League because they are 9 points clear of second-placed Liverpool with 15-16 ufabet games remaining. Still difficult to trust about the championship position. Therefore, after the winter breaks must be serious as before.

City stumbled against Southampton 1-1 in the latest game, making the ‘ Reds ‘ lead point to only one digit, plus more than 1 match , so in the case of Jürgen Klopp ‘s team winning the residual game, it will be only 6 away. score

Therefore, as a pillar of the ‘ KDB ‘ team , leave your homework to your comrades when you come back from vacation and help you focus and not be lazy.

“ We know that the English Premier League title race is not over yet . We have done it before, behind the leaders but turned the situation around successfully. Things like that happen very quickly. But I hope that I will be retaliated against myself !” Opening the mouth to the official website.

“ You have to try to watch it game – to – game , moments like this are tough sometimes. ” 

“ As in the past, to beat Arsenal (2-1) was tongue hanging , or before at Brentford (1-0) , but still found a way to win. Not the best game We can still rub the hustle and bustle. ”  

“ Sometimes when the queue is tight There needs to be a game like that. ”

“ Don’t get too lost in the good times. Sometimes when winning multiple games It also made us feel a bit tired. But we must try to accelerate the level of performance. Throttle the form as intensely as you can. ” 

“ Over the course of the year there can be some quiet periods. But don’t tease further than that. ” 

Returning from a break in February , ‘ Blue Sailings ‘ , the queue is easy to compete, including the FA Cup fourth round , meeting Fulham, the English National Team, followed by Brentford and Norwich . win the fifth round and grabbed six full points