Jota points out the strengths that are easy to adapt

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Liverpool forward Diogo Jota has revealed that he has been in charge of the front line since his early career. Therefore, it is beneficial to the head coach to choose to send on the field wherever it is mellow.

Jota can play anywhere in the front from left to right. Like the last match that defeated Crystal Palace 3-1 , it was stretched into the left edge of the line ufabet, coordinating the spear target Roberto Firmino and the right front Alex Oxlade – Chamberlain  

Alex Oxlade – Chamberlain

Or during Firmino’s injury, the 25 – year -old star has already secured the #9 number , so the Portuguese players are ready to accept the boss Jurgen Klopp . I’m right, sir. Wherever it is, tell me  

” Early on my football journey, at 10 I used to play as a left-midfielder in a 4-3-3 system,” Jota told the official website.

“ After that my physical condition improved. began to enter the penalty area more often and score more goals. ”

“ And then the base position became number 10 , people started to think – this kid shoots a lot. So push him forward – that’s the basis it is. ”

“ I always try to do what the manager tells Wolves, sometimes we play with three strikers. It’s spread out on the left because we have Raul Jimenez batting #9 , or when we play fore two. I will go up in the frontier So it depends on what the manager tells you to do. ”    

“ I tried to adjust. I think that’s one of my highlights. Not forcing anyone to adjust accordingly. But I try to adjust whatever is necessary. and do my best work. ”

“ Some people might say I’m not a traditional #9 , not a traditional No. 9. But whenever I’m on the pitch aim to score goals lead the team to the goal. ” 

Diogo has played 28 games this season, scoring 14 goals in all competitions , two assists, only the English Premier League , pressed ten tablets, is second only to goalscoring after Mo Salah.